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The Elizabeth Kates Foundation, Inc is a 501(c)(3) charity. Donations are tax deductible.

These are just some of the places where your donations go.

The Foundation supports other projects that are approved by the Board. These have included:

  • a speaker system for the space used as the auditorium where program graduations take place
  • the location for the dinner on Kates Day
  • computers and televisions
  • art programs and other special projects

kates_scholarsKates Scholars

The Virginia Correctional Center for Women has joined Southside Community College’s Campus Within Walls Program, also at the Lunenburg Correctional Center for men in Victoria.

Currently, students have the opportunity to work toward an Associate’s Degree in General Studies (61 credits), and a certificate in General Education (31 credits).

The Foundation uses the majority of its donations to fund college courses, on-site and correspondence, and the course materials needed for these. The on-site courses are provided through Southside Virginia Community College, whose instructors come on site to lead the courses in person so the students are able to interact directly with the instructor. Classes have included English, history, student development, religion, psychology, art history, yoga, health education, sciences, humanities.

The correspondence classes are provided through Adams State University and Colorado State University – Pueblo through the mail.

Those interested complete an application that demonstrates the financial need, completion of any academic prerequisites, and passing a placement test.

Kates_readersKates Readers

Literacy can be liberating. A book club organized by May L. Keller Alumnae Club of Pi Beta Phi with the financial support of The Elizabeth Kates Foundation began in 2008 at VCCW. Kates Readers is for offenders working toward their GED. Members of the alumnae club along with other community volunteers meet once a month to introduce books and facilitate lively discussion. Our “year” begins in September and ends in May.

Kates Readers II

As literacy and education are missions of The Foundation, a second book club is for offenders who have attained their high school diploma or GED but not currently in a college class. Learning happens outside of the classroom. Like Kates Readers, the May L. Keller Alumnae Club of Pi Beta Phi members of the alumnae club along with other community volunteers meet once a month to introduce more advanced-level books and facilitate lively discussion. Our “year” begins in September and ends in May.

Kates_kloset_1Kates Kloset

The Kates Foundation is pleased to announce that Mercy Mall of Virginia is supplying suitcases of clothing and toiletries to the exiting offenders. Mercy Mall of Virginia also provides such suitcases for women being released from Central Virginia Correctional Unit 13.

Mercy Mall is a non-profit organization, located in Chesterfield County, dedicated to helping families and individuals in crisis. The contents of the suitcases are selected from individual request orders, then transferred by members of The Kates Foundation for distribution at VCCW.

Many thanks to all who have so generously donated their time and resources to the Kates Kloset. Please give consideration to continuing this mission by donating clothing, toiletries and suitcases to Mercy Mall of Virginia. Information is available at

In Yoga class

Kates Day

Kates Day for Wednesday, May 6, 2020, has been cancelled. Check this Web site for updates. We look forward to May 5, 2021, for the next Kates Day. Please consider making a donation. Information is under Donations Page.

On the first Wednesday of May, the VCCW opens to the community for The Elizabeth Kates Foundation as one source to fund the programs and also to showcase the offenders’ achievements. Activities include sales of crafts and baked goods prepared by the offenders and runs from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Guided tours of the facility are also offered at this time.

The annual plant sale runs from 2 to 6 p.m. Grown by the offenders on site, these plants are beautiful and reasonable in cost. The Foundation does provide the funds for the seeds for the plants that sold. A shuttle is available to transport plants from the greenhouse area to your vehicle.

Dinner will be served at 5:15 p.m., following the annual meeting of The Foundation at 4:45. The dinner cost is $8.00 per person paid at the door, but reservations are encouraged. The dinner event also includes a program with performances, speakers, and a raffle for gifts drawn from tickets purchased at the entrance.

Specifics available late January under the Fundraising Events Tab.

A picture ID is required at the security station sign in. Lock valuables in your car. No cell phones allowed. Clear plastic bags will be provided to hold your keys, cash, and checkbook.

2841 River Road
Goochland, VA 23063

Directions From Richmond:  Take State Route 6 West for approximately 25 miles to the Town of Goochland. The facility is on the left, and there is a sign.

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